Synopsis and review of “All the Ways We Said Goodbye” by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White:


“All the Ways We Said Goodbye” is a captivating historical fiction novel that transports readers across three distinct eras, unveiling the secrets of a luxurious French hotel through time.

World War I

The story begins during World War I when the young Aurelie de Courcelles finds herself entangled in a dangerous resistance mission in occupied France. The Ritz Paris, a place of splendor and intrigue, becomes pivotal to her journey filled with challenges and unexpected passions.

World War II

Advancing to the 1940s, the setting shifts to World War II, where American widow Daisy Villon seeks redemption and hope in the same hotel that witnessed Aurelie’s love and courage.


Finally, in the 1960s, the sophisticated Babs Langford navigates a world of secrets and lies while investigating her family’s past. The Ritz Paris becomes a connecting thread that binds these strong and courageous women, revealing surprising emotional ties throughout the years.

Themes and Conclusion

“All the Ways We Said Goodbye” is a saga of intrigues, forbidden romances, and unbreakable friendships, showcasing how the bonds of the past can echo in the present and the future.


“All the Ways We Said Goodbye” is an enchanting historical fiction masterpiece penned collaboratively by talented authors Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White. Set against the backdrop of the illustrious Ritz Paris, this captivating novel weaves together three compelling narratives from different eras, revealing a tapestry of secrets, love, and courage.

Engaging Historical Context

The novel gracefully opens its doors to readers, ushering them into the tumultuous era of World War I. Aurelie de Courcelles, a brave and determined young woman, becomes entangled in a dangerous resistance mission in occupied France. The elegant and opulent Ritz Paris becomes a sanctuary of both solace and intrigue, adding a touch of glamour to an otherwise chaotic period in history.

Intriguing World War II Tale

Transporting us to the 1940s, the authors seamlessly shift the narrative, introducing us to Daisy Villon, an American widow seeking solace at the same iconic hotel. Daisy’s poignant journey towards redemption is delicately intertwined with the echoes of Aurelie’s past, evoking a profound sense of connection and continuity across generations.

Mystery and Romance in the 1960s

 As the plot progresses into the 1960s, Babs Langford steps into the spotlight, embarking on a quest to uncover her family’s hidden secrets. Amidst the glitz and allure of Paris, the Ritz once again becomes a focal point, linking these strong and independent women through time. The enigmatic atmosphere and the allure of the past keep readers enthralled until the final page.

Themes of Love, Loss, and Resilience

 “All the Ways We Said Goodbye” delves into themes of love, sacrifice, resilience, and the enduring power of human connections. The authors deftly explore the complexity of relationships, portraying how lives intersect and intertwine through shared history, both grand and intimate.


“All the Ways We Said Goodbye” is a triumphant collaboration that seamlessly blends history, romance, and intrigue into a spellbinding tale. Through the mesmerizing backdrop of the Ritz Paris, readers are treated to a rich and evocative journey across time, leaving them deeply moved and yearning for more. Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White have crafted an unforgettable work of art that will linger in readers’ hearts long after they’ve said goodbye to its pages.


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