20 Fiction Books for Proficient Learners

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An exceptional Language Journey

Step into an amazing adventure through the world of English literature! These books, originally written for native readers, have become a delightful find for proficient learners like you! As you dive into these mesmerizing stories crafted for native speakers, get ready to experience the sheer joy and excitement that only the best of English literature can bring.

Delve into riveting tales, from timeless classics to modern gems, carefully handpicked for those who truly appreciate the beauty of language. Immerse yourself in the captivating themes, intriguing characters, and profound emotions, knowing you’re now exploring the very same cherished stories loved by native English speakers.


Enhance your language fluency as you engage with prose that challenges your thinking and enriches your vocabulary, just like it has done for generations of native readers. Communicate with flair and precision, inspired by the eloquent expressions found within these remarkable books.


Connect deeply with celebrated authors as their masterpieces guide you on a journey of discovery, revealing the enchanting magic of the English language in its purest form. Allow yourself to be immersed in the vast literary world, forging a connection with the language, culture, and the complexities of the human experience, as portrayed by native writers.

Unleash your passion for English, embrace the thrill of the unknown, and let “Challenging English Literature: 20 Fiction Books for Proficient Learners – An Exceptional Language Journey” be your compass on this extraordinary expedition. Elevate your reading experience, unlocking the true potential of your linguistic abilities, hand in hand with native readers through the captivating realm of English literature. Get ready to be captivated and inspired beyond imagination!”

🌟 1 Happy Place by Emily Henry🌟
4.2 on Goodreads 366,522 ratings

Harriet and Wyn, once the perfect couple, met in college and were inseparable like salt and pepper, honey and tea, lobster and rolls. However, they mysteriously broke up five months ago and have kept it a secret from their closest friends. Now, they find themselves sharing a bedroom at their annual Maine cottage getaway with the friend group they’ve been vacationing with for a decade. This special week offers an escape from their daily lives, filled with cheese, wine, seafood, and the salty coastal air they all cherish.

🌟 2 The Diamond Eye: A Novel By Kate Quinn🌟

The bestselling author of The Rose Code presents a riveting World War II tale centered around Mila Pavlichenko, an unassuming history student turned deadly female sniper. Sent to the battlefield after Hitler’s invasion, she earns the moniker “Lady Death” for her lethal Nazi hunting skills. Celebrated for her three hundredth kill, Mila embarks on a goodwill tour to America, where she finds unexpected friendships and happiness. But old enemies resurface, leading to a perilous duel that tests her mettle. Based on true events, The Diamond Eye is a haunting story of heroism, transforming a mother into a soldier and changing history forever.

🌟 3 All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr 🌟

This must-read Pulitzer Prize-winning novel deserves a spot on your list! Through alternating perspectives, the book intricately weaves the lives of a blind French girl and a German boy. Their stories will leave a lasting impression, lingering in your mind well after you finish. Amidst the odds, it beautifully illustrates how people strive to be kind to one another, bringing warmth to your heart after months of clouds. If you’re seeking a touching tale of resilience and human goodness, this book is the sunshine your heart craves.

🌟 4 They Went Left by Mon­i­ca Hesse🌟
4.3 on Goodreads 12,005 ratings 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

In Monica Hesse’s young adult novel, “They Went Left,” we follow Zofia Lederman’s journey as a Holocaust survivor seeking a new life after World War II. Zofia, liberated from Grosse-Rosen by Soviet forces, embarks on a quest to find her younger brother, Abek, in a shattered post-war continent. The novel delves into historical fiction, exploring the psychological effects of Holocaust survivors. Zofia’s inner turmoil and determination to preserve her past, as well as her romantic involvement with Josef, another resident at the displaced persons camp, add layers of complexity to the narrative. As she seeks her brother and grapples with her altered reality, Zofia’s story becomes a captivating exploration of loss, resilience, and the search for a new future. “They Went Left” is a powerful novel that offers a glimpse into the aftermath of the Holocaust and the indomitable human spirit. The book also includes a helpful “A Note on History and Research,” providing additional context for readers.

🌟 5 The Why Cafe by John P. Strelecky 🌟

3.6 on Goodreads 40,889 ratings 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The Why Cafe” by John P. Strelecky is an insightful novel that follows John, a traveler seeking life’s purpose. He stumbles upon a mysterious cafe where the enigmatic owner, Casey, poses three profound questions. As John meets diverse characters and gains valuable insights, readers are encouraged to reflect on their own fulfillment and life’s meaning. Strelecky’s powerful storytelling inspires introspection, leaving a lasting impact on readers’ quest for purpose and passion.

🌟 6 Before I Go To Sleep S.J. Watson🌟

3.9 on Goodreads 330,114 ratings🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Before I Go To Sleep” by S.J. Watson is a riveting psychological thriller centered around Christine Lucas, who suffers from amnesia. Each day, her memory resets, and she relies on her husband’s account of her past. Encouraged to keep a journal, Christine unravels startling truths that challenge her reality. As she delves deeper into her mysterious past, the suspense intensifies, leading to shocking revelations. Watson’s masterful storytelling keeps readers on edge, exploring memory’s fragility and the dark secrets that lie buried. A gripping tale of deception, trust, and the search for truth

🌟 7 The Stable Boy of Auschwitz by Henry Oster, Dexter Ford 🌟

4.5 on Goodreads 3,366 ratings 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

In this compelling memoir, a Holocaust survivor recounts his challenging journey through Auschwitz and how he overcame the odds to survive. Henry Oster, a young boy when Hitler rose to power, found himself among 2,011 Jews deported from Cologne. Forced into demanding labor at the Auschwitz horse-breeding stables, Henry clung to hope for survival. Despite relentless suffering, he emerged as one of only 23 survivors. “The Stable Boy of Auschwitz” is an unforgettable true story of human endurance and the strength of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable horrors.

🌟 8 Reminders of Him Colleen Hoover🌟

4.4 on Goodreads 966,058 ratings 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Reminders of Him” follows the story of Kenna Rowan, a woman in her mid-twenties, who has just been released from prison after being involved in a tragic drunk driving accident that took the life of her boyfriend, Scotty, five years ago.

Returning to her hometown, Kenna’s main focus is to regain custody of her daughter, who has been raised by Scotty’s parents, the Landrys. However, the Landrys are still grieving and harboring anger over the loss of their son. Amidst the emotional turmoil, Kenna crosses paths with Ledger, Scotty’s best friend, who has been helping care for her daughter.

This heartbreaking novel explores themes of redemption and forgiveness as Kenna grapples with her past mistakes and attempts to rebuild her life. In a journey towards healing and reconciliation, Kenna must find a way to make amends and discover what her future holds.

🌟 9 Big Lies in a Small Town: by Diane Chamberlain🌟

“Big Lies in a Small Town” by Diane Chamberlain weaves a captivating tale of two artists, Morgan and Anna, whose lives intertwine across time. Morgan, wrongly imprisoned, gets a chance at freedom by restoring Anna’s old mural. As she uncovers the past, secrets emerge, and the power of art becomes a catalyst for healing and redemption. This emotionally charged novel explores ambition, love, and the strength to confront injustices. Chamberlain’s storytelling grips readers until the final page, leaving them spellbound by the rich and enthralling narrative.

🌟 10 A Heart So Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer🌟

“A Heart So Fierce and Broken” by Brigid Kemmerer is a gripping fantasy sequel in the Cursebreakers series. Grey, on the run after discovering his true identity, joins forces with Lia Mara, daughter of the power-hungry Queen of Syhl Shallow. As they navigate a world of deception and magic, they form an unlikely alliance to challenge the kingdom’s norms. This tale of resilience, loyalty, and love weaves a captivating narrative filled with twists and enchanting characters. Readers will be drawn into the enthralling journey of Grey and Lia Mara as they shape their destinies and face the consequences of their choices.

🌟 11 All the Ways We Said Goodbye by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White🌟

All the Ways We Said Goodbye” is a captivating historical fiction novel co-authored by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White. Set in three different time periods, it follows the lives of three women connected by the Ritz hotel in Paris. Aurelie, Daisy, and Babs each face their own challenges during World War I, World War II, and the 1960s. The novel weaves their stories of love, sacrifice, and resilience, creating a vivid tapestry of historical events and human connections. A must-read for historical fiction enthusiasts.

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